New Master Mason Forums--Data Input Form

(You do NOT need to be a NEW Mason to enter data in this form.  All Iowa Masons are encouraged to send us this information.)


Enter the following data.  When ALL data is entered, press the SUBMIT button at the bottom.  If you want to start over, press the RESET button and the form will be cleared so you can start over.

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Requested Data  (Even if you do not include the personal information above, please enter your age and the number of years you have been a Mason so we can identify differences (if any) in the answers we receive.

Your Age 
Number of Years you have been a Mason
What brought you to Freemasonry?
What were your expectations and hopes? What were you looking for?
How successfully have your hopes and expectations been fulfilled?
How have your hopes and expectations changed since you joined?
What have been your surprises? What have you encountered that was unexpected?
Which positive items which should be encouraged and repeated? Which negative items should be identified to minimize or avoid?
What do you perceive as benefits of Masonic membership?
What do you want “More of”?
What do you want “Less of”?
What do you like best about your local lodge?
How has the Mentor Program worked for you? Suggestions for improvement?
How well has the Ashlar Program helped you become fully integrated into your lodge?
What is your level of interest in participating in another program similar to Ashlar to more fully explore Masonic experience and knowledge?
Would you like to see some or all of an advanced program handled by several lodges in cooperation with each other?
How often would you like to attend multi-lodge, area, regional, or State-wide events?

What kind of events involving multiple lodges would you like to see planned and conducted?
How many miles, or how much time, are you willing to travel for a wide-area event?
Do you plan to attend Grand Lodge in Des Moines in September?
What events, activities, education seminars, etc., would you like to see offered at Grand Lodge?
What additional topics should be included, and which topics should be eliminated in future New Master Mason Forums?
Any other Comments or Suggestions?