2007-2008 Grand Lodge Officers


Here they are, the 2007-2008 Grand Lodge Officers.

And here they are with their wives.

As soon as we have individual pictures of them, they will be here as well.

Just so you will know who they are going to be, here are their names and where they live.

Grand Master Donald E. Mosier Cedar Rapids
Deputy Grand Master Jon Wagoner Sioux City
Senior Grand Warden Craig L. Davis West Des Moines
Junior Grand Warden Larry E. Shears Atkins
Grand Treasurer Scott Johnson Sergeant Bluff
Grand Secretary William Crawford Glidden (and Cedar Rapids)
Grand Chaplain Glenn N. Marshall Cedar Rapids
Deputy Grand Secretary Tim S. Anderson Albia (and Cedar Rapids)
Grand Marshal Jason Wolcott Tipton
Senior Grand Deacon Gerald (Gary) Bergman Ottumwa
Junior Grand Deacon Kyle Gordon Granger
Senior Grand Steward Jeff Bybee Mt Vernon
Junior Grand Steward Ed Edgerton Osceola
Grand Tyler David Stuart Dubuque
Grand Musician Michael Langford Washington
Chairman, Division & Reference Jack L. Butler Dubuque

And here is their mission for the 2007-2008 Grand Lodge Year:

Mission of the Grand Lodge And Its Officers for 2007-2008

To Support The Lodges Of Iowa In Their Task Of Improving Themselves,
Their Members, Their Communities, And Their Country.