Bybee Baby Shower


Worshipful Brother Jeff Bybee, Senior Grand Steward of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, and his wife Barbara, are expecting twins in June.  The Grand Master's wife Carol and Marla Weidenhoff, wife of the WM of Ancient Landmark Lodge No. 200, Olin, held a baby shower in their honor on Sunday April 13, 2008.  Here are some pictures.  Click on any picture for a larger version.

Here are a few videos of the occasion. If these don't run when you click on them, try right clicking, select "save target as" and then select a place to save the video on your hard drive.

Video 1       Video 2     Video 3


Getting Ready

Early Gifts

What a somber bunch. Is this a party or what?

Gifts and games will liven it up.

Some more of the crowd

Lets see what we got.

Jeff is in Despair???

KItty wants to go home with the gifts.