Chairman of the Committee
Division and Reference

(That would be Jack Butler)


You may have heard that Jack Butler fell off a ladder the other day, breaking a couple ribs.  Of course, he claims that his wife Peanut pushed him off the ladder.  But here is convincing proof that he is just plain careless.  In fact, this might be where he hurt himself.  (It's OK, he is healed up now!)

But you may not have heard that Jack is a true risk taker.  Here is the proof of that. Motorcycles!  No helmet!  No protective armor padded leather jacket!   No boots over the ankle!  Helloooooo   Sturgis!

But where's sleeveless t-shirt?  The leggy biker babe?  The shaggy beard?  The tattoos?  The image still needs a little work.

Jack is also a great learner.  He never talks and listens intently.  Sometimes, he focuses so much on listening that you would swear he was asleep.  Here's the proof.  See for yourself.  Perhaps he is star-struck.  Probably not.