Grand Lodge Ladies Cookbook


The Grand Lodge Ladies will be selling a Masonic Cookbook during the entire 2007-2008 Grand Lodge year.  All proceeds from this cookbook will support the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge, currently under construction in Iowa City.  (For more information on Hope Lodge, click HERE.)  The books cost $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping if necessary.   Of course, if you buy your copy in person, there will be no shipping charges.

The recipe collection for this book is now completed.  The recipes have all been retyped, proofread many times, and sent to the printing company.  The electronic proof of the cookbook was painstaking proofread one final time over the Labor Day holiday.  And would you believe, we found a few more mistakes.  Those were all corrected and sent to the printer.  We picked them up from the printer one week prior to Grand Lodge.  Talk about just in time delivery. There were 13 large cardboard boxes filled with books.  They nearly filled the back of my truck.  And they are selling like hot cakes on a cold winter morning.  You better get yours before they are all gone.  We will order more if necessary, and I hope it will be, but that will take more time.

This was a much larger task than either Carol or I envisioned.  However, it has been a lot of fun.  We truly appreciate all the recipes that have been submitted.  We believe that we included at least some of the recipes submitted by each person.  If we failed in that endeavor, we truly apologize.   A few of the submitted recipes were just not readable, and a few were just too long to be included in the book.  Thank you all for sending them in.  Also, a big thank-you to Bill Crawford (Grand Secretary) and his wife Elaine for their assistance in proofreading the early drafts.

Remember, cookbooks are timeless.  And they make excellent gifts at Christmas time, birthdays, or other special occasions.  Buy several to keep for future gift giving.

And order form for this cookbook may be found HERE.