From The Library and Museums of the Grand Lodge of Iowa


It is a wonder to walk the halls of the Grand Lodge Library and Museums.  It is like walking through history. This all began with a dream, a dream dreamt by T.S. Parvin, the first Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge, and later a Grand Master.  Parvin was a collector and an educator.  He recognized the value of history, history as recorded in books and history as recorded in artifacts.  Only through a study of history can we discover our own place in the universe.  And isn't that what Freemasonry is all about, a discovery of who we are, what we should do with ourselves, how we fit into society?  Yes, learning through discovery.  And what better place to do that than in a library or a museum.

The Assistant Grand Librarian has written a number of articles about various items in the museum collection for publication on the Masonic Library and Museums Association Web Site.  Please take a look at them HERE.

These are but a small sampling of the items in the museum.  Watch this space for a MUCH larger picture collection.  The pictures will probably be without captions, but perhaps they will pique your interest.  Give the office a call.  They would be most happy to arrange a tour for you.  And if it really bothers you, as it does me, that so much of this material is not cataloged, perhaps you would volunteer a week or two of your time to help in that effort.