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2008 Grand Lodge Proceedings  (This is a VERY large .pdf file.)  Do not try to download it with dial-up or you will be waiting for hours.

Some interesting papers
Beowulf and Hiram
God, The Observer/Creator of Our Entangled Universe

This page contains new links.  All this information will eventually be found through other pages on the site.  But to save searching throughout the site, especially since I don't have a site-map, new links will be placed here for a month or so, and maybe even longer.  And some items will be placed here while a regular link to them is being prepared.

Appeal for Weather Related Donations.
This letter is being sent to each Lodge in Iowa and will also be sent to everyone with an email address on file.  Please help.

New: Lodge Website Award--The Grand Design
The Grand Lodge Public Relations Committee is sponsoring a new award for outstanding Lodge Websites.  Look HERE for details.  Note: this was for the 2008 Award. 

Slides from the Membership Retention Forums

Grand Master's Motorcycle rides for Hope Lodge.

Hope Lodge Cornerstone Laying Ceremony will be at 10:30 AM on August 2, 2008 in Iowa City.  Check the Grand Lodge calendar for full details.

***   Iowa Masonic License Plates Approved.  ***  Order yours here.   Order form is now ready!

Pictures from Cornerstone Laying in Maquoketa
Pictures and Videos from Bybee Baby Shower


New Master Masons Forum.  Read about them here.
Question Form for New MM Forum.  These questions, while included in the New Master Mason Forums,  can and should be answered by ALL Masons to help us improve Iowa Masonry.

Update your personal information for the Grand Lodge Database.

Masonic Membership Outreach Package.
SNOW, an allegory for membership attraction.

Masonic FAQ

The Official Opinion to clarify the legislative changes passed at Grand Lodge regarding Demonstration of Modes of Recognition is now complete and published.  The Board of Custodians have also prepared the details of the Examination that makes up that demonstration.  These are are combined into one document which is being sent out to each Iowa Lodge.  If you want to read it, it can be found HERE.   The final four sheets of this document may be used as a handy reference.  Three of the pages contain the single letter cipher for the examination.  The final page consists of a recommended procedure for complying with the new legislation.  I know this is not what many of those who voted for this legislation thought they were voting for.  It is definitely much more extensive than the explanation for the legislation described.  But it IS what the legislation SAID.  And that is why legislation should be read VERY CAREFULLY before voting either for or against it.

Here is the information on how to get a DVD copy of the fabulous entertainment provided by the El Kahir Hillbilly Clan following the Grand Master's reception on October 20.

Here is where you can see some new pictures
        Official Grand Officers Picture
        From Installation 2007
        From Cornerstone Laying for Lohrville EMS Building
        From Grand Master's Area Meetings
        From Grand Master's Reception
        ENTERTAINMENT From Grand Master's Reception
        Grand Officer and Wives
        Jack Butler in Action  **  New stuff added, check it out.  This is our next Grand Master.  **

My Message for the December Grand Lodge Bulletin
My Message for the March Grand Lodge Bulletin
My article on Freemasonry in Public Entertainment

Excerpt from War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
Are you a Carrot, an Egg, or a Coffee Bean?

Grand Master's Area Meetings--Presentations
        Masonic Pride
        Masonic Education
        Managed Masonic Change

Here is an excerpt from "The Lion's Paw", a Masonic novel written by Carl Claudy in 1944.  Check it out from the Grand Lodge Library.  Definitely worth reading.

A quote from John Sandford, Grand Master of Masons in Iowa in 1856, regarding needed changes.