Grand Master's Area Meetings

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There were 12 Grand Master's Area Meetings (GMAMs) this fall.  They were held in Clarinda, Logan, Moville, Nevada, Altoona, Osceola, Washington, West Liberty, Tama, Independence, Garner, and Maquoketa.  (Those locations were selected based on several criteria.  First, the locations were to be scattered across the state to allow all members to attend without driving TOO far.  Secondly, the were selected so as to not use a lodge which had been used for the past several years.  That way, a brother who needed to drive a long way last year, might not have to drive so far this year.  Of course, that averages out over several years.

We had a great turn-out at the GMAMs.  Although some locations had more attendance than others, the average was about 40-45.  That was enough to stimulate some good discussions, while not being so large that folks were intimidated into not asking questions.    The Lodge Service Committee provided about four members for each meeting.  They served as either Master of Ceremonies or as a presenter.  There were three main presentations.  The topics were:  Masonic Pride, Masonic Education, and Managed Masonic Change.  These presentations were all well done by the LSC members.   We then watched a brief video on "Attitude". 

Then it was my turn to talk.  I described how ATTITUDE is what pulls Pride, Education, and Change together.  Masonic Education helps us understand who we are  and were we came from.  Pride helps us know where we want to go, and gives us the will to get there.  Managed Change provides a method for safely transitioning from were we are to where we want to be.  And Leadership (created by Masonic Education) guides us through the steps.  And ATTITUDE is what keeps us going, keeps us directed, and keeps us motivated.

Here are the presentations that were given at the meetings.

        Masonic Pride
        Masonic Education
        Managed Masonic Change