Grand Lodge Travels and Functions


This will be a fairly detailed account of the travels of the Grand Master in 2007-08, as well as the special travels by the other Grand Lodge Officers.  A few key events prior to Grand Lodge 2007 will also be included.

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21 April 2007  This was a busy day.  It started with the annual board meeting of the Iowa DeMolay Foundation at 10:00 AM.  At 1:00 PM, the Jurisprudence Committee met, and confirmed my recommendation of Jack Butler as Chairman of the Committee on Division and Reference for next year.  At 2:00 PM, the Past Elective Officers met, and selected Craig Davis and Larry Shears as the official nominees for the offices of Senior and Junior Grand Warden for next year.  So barring any surprised, the officer corps for next year is set.  For a complete list of officers, click HERE.  Then, beginning at 4:00 PM, Iowa DeMolay initiated nine new members as the Grand Master's DeMolay Class.  This was all followed by a banquet.

28 April 2007  Traveled to Evansville Indiana to attend the Midwest Conference on Masonic Education.  Other attendees from Iowa included Tim Anderson, Rick Bowersox, Craig Davis, Jack Butler, and Craig Hummel.  This evening we had a group round table discussion regarding education in Freemasonry.  Divergent topics included lodge retention, counseling/mentoring, and leadership.  Had presentations from the Philalethes Society, and from Christopher Hodapp, the author of Freemasonry for Dummies.

29 April 2007  Midwest Conference continued.  Today we heard several interesting presentations.  One described research that showed how memorization, such as memorization of ritual, actually caused changes to the brain that helped the maintenance of moral behavior.  Another presentation covered some of the historical items covered in the first yeas of this conference.  (Note, for the first five years, this conference was hosted by the Grand Lodge of Iowa.)  The afternoon was spent with presentations on Traditional Observance Lodges, European Concept Lodges, and other lodges that spend extra time on ritual and research (read education).  For more information on lodges like this, click here.

30 April 2007 Conclusion of the Midwest Conference.  Items discussed included the techniques used in the several jurisdictions to spread Masonic Education.

21 May 2007  Visit to Brubaker Lodge with the 2006-07 Grand Lodge Officers.  This was a surprise visit to honor MW Dennis M. Zahrt, Grand Master.  He was surprised, to say the least, when the Grand Officers and I marched in to the accompaniment of the Grand Musician playing an accordion. (There is a story here, but you'll have to ask Rick.)  Also in attendance was the "Grand Master of the North Pole" but you'll have to ask Dwight McDonald about that. (AND WHO SAYS THAT MASONRY CAN'T BE FUN?)

31 May - 2 June, 2007 Grand Commandery.  I attended Grand Commandery in Cedar Rapids.  The highlight of this session was the election and installation of Steve Libby as Grand Commandery.  Sir Knight Steve and I have been friends for nearly as long as I have been a Mason.

14-17 June 2007  Grand Lodge of South Dakota.  Since I am South Dakotan born and raised (not Masonically), this is almost like going home.  Actually, I did combine the trip with a family reunion, thereby saving a few miles by making two trips into one.  The session was most interesting and enjoyable.  The sitting Grand Master, MW Brother Ken Glaser was (and still is) a member of an Iowa lodge before moving to SD.  So he is Iowan, and I am South Dakotan. How 'bout them apples?  Also got to see Brother Denny Robinson installed as GM.  Denny lives only about 50 miles or so from where I grew up.

25 June 2007 Finance Committee Meeting.  I traveled to Fort Dodge with the GM to attend this important meeting to finalize the budget which will be submitted to the Craft for their approval.  Budgets are tough to create.  We always get pinched between spending what needs to be spent and saving as much as possible.  But it's gotta be done.

06 July 2007 PICTURES.  Oh boy!  I got to borrow the GM's jewel while he was not using it so I could get pictures taken for next year.  Boy, now I had better get elected or that will be some wasted money. 

12-13 July 2007  Planning Meeting, North American Conference of GMs, Louisville KY.  Last February I was elected to the planning committee for this Conference.  Boy, it is tough planning a three day conference in an evening and a morning, but we mostly "got er done".  It appears as if this will be a most interesting conference.

14 July 2007  2007-08 Grand Officer Get Together.  Things are starting to get serious now.  This was the first get together for next year's officers.  (Assuming I we all get elected and appointed.)  Had a really great day getting to know each other, practicing GL ritual, and planning some stuff for next year.  Finished off the day with a trip to the races at Knoxville.

15 July 2007  GM's Bike Ride, Dry Run. Carol and I were joined by Rick Bowersox as we drove the route for the Grand Master's Motorcycle Ride for Camp Courageous.  Nice day, nice ride, but we might tweak the route just a bit.

28 July 2007  GM Bike Ride.  We had a great 3rd degree the night before.  It is amazing how Grand Lodge Officers look while wearing jeans, t-shirts, doo-rags, and tattoos.  (Some real, some not so real.)  And why would that ship be sailing to Lithuania anyway?  The ride itself was nice, kinda cloudy to to start, but getting nicer as the day went on.  Had a great breakfast in Davenport, hosted by Brubaker Lodge, a great lunch in Sabula, hosted by the Clinton and Comanche lodges, and snacks and beverages at Camp Courageous.  A total of about $2300 was raised for the camp.    Thanks to all the participants.  It was a great time.

02 August 2007  Pork Chop Dinner in Dubuque.  A great meal served by the Dubuque Lodges.  Great food and conversation.

08 August 2007 Lodge Service Committee.  I attended the LSC meeting in Cedar Rapids.  We completed planning for the Grand Lodge session.  We also made preliminary plans for the Grand Master's Area Meetings which will be held this fall.

09-11 August 2007  Grand Chapter/Grand Council Session.  Carol and I attended the Annual Meeting of the Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of Iowa, and the Grand Council, Royal and Select Masters of Iowa.  These were in Waterloo this year.  I served as Installing Marshal for the new Grand Council officers.  I was privileged to address the Grand Chapter session as the Grand Master's representative. I have a preview if plans for the upcoming Grand Lodge year.

16-18 August 2007  Midwest Conference of Grand Lodges. Carol and I traveled to Winnipeg Manitoba to attend this conference.  Also attending from Iowa were Bill and Elaine Crawford and Jack Butler.  It was a great conference.  We had opportunities to discuss Masonry with Grand Lodge Officers from Manitoba, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota,  Illinois, and Michigan.  Wisconsin did not have a representative this year.  Several papers were presented as well as reports on activities from the several Jurisdictions.  I presented a paper on Masonic Education, which is very important to me as you can tell if you have spent much time reading this site.

23 August 2007  Friendship Night Cedar Rapids.  This evening a Friendship Night was jointly sponsored by the Shrine, York Rite, Scottish Rite, and the local lodges near Cedar Rapids.  More than 100 men and ladies enjoyed a wonderful meal, and a number of short presentations about Masonry.  I know of at least four petitions that came from this evenings event.

30 August-01 September 2007  Central States Shrine Association, Kansas City.  Carol and I attended this Shrine function.  Met with Shrine Masons from Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. (And probably a couple states I cannot remember.) Great conversation and a 2 1/2 hour parade.  What a display for the public.  While I was there, I purchased a new hat to wear for public occasions next year.

03 September 2007  Labor Day School of Instruction, Ottumwa. Had a great time at this annual school.  I was the instructor for the MI/DL section of the school.  The work was well done, and I think everyone had a great time.

19-22 September 2007  GRAND LODGE  Cannot describe this in a few words.  For more information, see my real time musings here.


25 September 2007  Glenn Brown Funeral and Cornerstone Ceremony for new police station in Davenport.  The first official act of the term was opening Grand Lodge in Anamosa for the funeral of MW Brother Glenn Brown.  We had a great  turnout of Masons to honor our fallen PGM.    It was a wonderful tribute to the life of a wonderful man.  Of course, as we approached the cemetery, the rain cut loose.  I guess the heavens were crying as much as some of us wanted to.  Read a tribute to this wonderful brother HERE.

We then traveled to Davenport to lay the cornerstone for the new police station there.  It was a nice ceremony.  We got great coverage from the local newspaper.  We also did a replay of the middle section of the ceremony so it could get on live TV.  That was as a backdrop for an interview.  RW Brother Bill Crawford did a fine job of representing the Masons of Iowa on live TV.

27 September 2007  Grand Court, Amaranth.   Carol and I traveled to Waterloo to attend a banquet and the public opening of the Grand Court of Amaranth in Iowa.  Had a wonderful time, and spoke briefly to congratulate the Grand Royal Matron and Grand Royal Patron.

29 September 2007  Lohrville Cornerstone and 3rd Degree.  Carol and I traveled to Lohrville to lay the cornerstone for a new EMS building.  The ceremony was very well received by a large crowd.  We then had a great lunch served by the brethren, and conferred our first 3rd degree. 

4-5 October 2007  Grand Lodge of Illinois.  Carol and I drove to Springfield Illinois to attend the Grand Lodge of Illinois annual session.  The hosted us to a wonderful banquet and great hospitality.  Also in attendance from Iowa were MW Bud Erickson and Kris.  We stayed long enough to attend their morning session, when they did most of their business, and then drove home.

06 October 2007  St Bartholomew Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine.  I drove to Des Moines to attend this meeting.  It was a nice warm day, and I really wanted to take the bike.  But then I remembered that I would be driving home 135 miles at night, and the deer are starting to feel their hormones kicking in, and the hunters have not yet had their chance to rid the world of tens of thousands of these beautiful hazards to navigation, so I took the truck.  The degree work was well done.  The banquet and fellowship were wonderful.

10 October 2007  Lodge Service Committee.  I rode to Des Moines with John Klaus to attend this meeting.  We reviewed the activities of the Grand Lodge session, and discussed ways to make the session better next year.   We then spent a great deal of time planning for the upcoming Grand Master's Area Meetings (GMAMs).  You can read more about these meetings HERE.

15 October 2007 GMAM Clarinda.  The First of 12 Grand Master's Area Meetings.  The Lodge Service Committee talked about the program for the year.  Points of emphasis are Masonic Price, Masonic Education, and Managed Masonic Change.  I then talked about ATTITUDE and Hope Lodge.  Crowd was small, but very engaged.  A good start to the series of meetings.

16 October 2007 GMAM Logan
17 October 2007 GMAM Moville

20 October 2007  KYCH Meeting  This meeting was in Cedar Rapids to facilitate travel to my reception later in the day.  KYCH is a group for which membership is limited to those who have served as Worshipful Master of their Lodge, High Priest of their Royal Arch Chapter, Illustrious Master of the Cryptic Rite Council, and Commander of their Commandery of Knights Templar.  This was the annual meeting, at which new members were initiated.  Jack Watts received his 50 year certificate.  Denny Zahrt and I received our two quadrant KYGCH, which is for men who have served as two of the Grand Bodies.

20 October 2007  MY RECEPTION.  Wow, this was fun.  We had about 235 in attendance at the Cedar Rapids Scottish Rite Temple.  Had a great social time.  Then I was received as Grand Master and given Grand Honors by my Lodge.  After pictures of the Grand Officers and their wives, we retired to the dining room for a wonderful prime rib dinner.  There wasn't much food left, but everybody got a lot to eat.  And it was delicious.  We then moved to the auditorium for surprise entertainment. It was performed?? by the El Kahir Hillbilly's unit, and defies description.  You've gotta watch the video to believe it.  You can read more about that HERE.  And then there was a surprise appearance by Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.  And everybody thought that he was really dead.  Guess not.

22 October 2007  Meeting with the folks from the Des Moines Airport Holiday Inn, regarding the session planning for next year.

22 October 2007  Meeting with Iowa State Bank in West Des Moines regarding the investments for the Scholarship Fund.

22 October 2007 Third Degree at Prairie City.  This is an annual "trial by fire" for the new Grand Officers.  Of course we cheated bit.  We did our first 3rd degree several weeks earlier at Lohrville.  But the degree went very well. And the chili and oyster dinner was great, as always.  Carol and I got "piped" into dinner, which was a first for me.  Then during the degree, we had pipe "music" instead of the sung dirge.  I'm not sure which is more mournful.  At the close of the evening, Carl van der Camp presented me with the wooden working tools which we had used for the degree.  He had made them especially for me.  Carl and I served together as Grand Stewards in 1996-97.  They are beautiful.  Thank-you Carl.

23 October 2007 GMAM Nevada
24 October 2007 GMAM Altoona    (And I was gone for Carol's Birthday.  Uh! Oh!)

25 October 2007  OES Banquet in Altoona.  Carol and I attended the Grand Chapter OES banquet in Altoona.  Food and fellowship were wonderful.  Had a great time.

27 October 2007  Visit to Masonic Home in Bettendorf.  We traveled to Bettendorf for the annual visit.  Had a wonderful brunch hosted by the Grand Charity Board.  Following brunch, we were presented with a musical bell program presented by residents of the home.  Those who had never been there before were then given an opportunity to tour.

27 October 2007  Grand Tyler's Reception.  We drove from Bettendorf to Dubuque a reception honoring David Stuart, Grand Tyler.  Fellowship was great.  Those who cared got to see the Hawkeyes pull out a victory in overtime.  We then enjoyed some great snacks.  Metropolitan Lodge then received the Grand Officers.  This was all followed by a pasta buffet, finished off with Italian deserts and ice cream.  Great stuff.

28 October 2007  Mt Vernon Lodge 150th Anniversary of Dispensation.  Mt Vernon had a wonderful celebration of their 150 years of existence.  It all started with a nice lunch in Lisbon.  The festivities then moved to Mt Vernon Lodge, where several historical figures significant to Masonry were impersonated.  Cake and ice cream were served.

29 October 2007  GMAM Osceola
30 October 2007  GMAM Washington
31 October 2007  GMAM West Liberty  (Detoured through Iowa City on the way home to see Halloween costumes.)
01 November 2007  GMAM Tama

03 November 2007 St Ignatius Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine.  This event was held in Cedar Rapids.  We had a a nice crowd for the degree work, which was well done.  If you want to see pictures of this event, you can find them at Jay Cole Simser's blog.   I conferred one of the degrees.  Then we had a great social time, followed by a banquet.  You know, we always seem to eat a lot at these things, and I tend to write about them too. Guess that explains the size of my waistline.

05 November 2007  Cornerstone at Manchester School.  We actually had this Cornerstone Laying ceremony in the school gym.  All the school kids got out of class to attend.  The band played as we marched in.  The choir sang after we got done.  That all added a nice touch to the ceremony.  The kids were very attentive.  Maybe they were just wondering when we were going to tell them where the Treasure was hidden.  I received several compliments about the ceremony from folks in the crowd, including one lady who thought the students learned more from the ceremony than they would have in class.  I wish all our ceremonies would be this well attended.

05 November 2007  GMAM Independence

06 November 2007  Kingston 1st Degree

07 November 2007  GMAM Garner

08 November 2007 PM Night and 3rd Degree at Newton.  Had a great crowd, and a great degree.

10 November 2007  Third Degree in Iowa City for Rob Shaw, State Senior Councilor

10 November 2007  Second Degree in Kinross

12 November 2007  Thank You dinner for GL Volunteers.  Had a dinner in Cedar Rapids to thank the wonderful volunteers who help out at the Office, the Library, and the Museums. 

13 November 2007  Election and 50 Year Certificate at Shellsburg, Laurence Ritse. 

14 November 2007 GMAM Maquoketa   (The Last One!)  These meetings were all very good.  Crowds were all engaged and seemed extremely interested in improving our Fraternity.

15 November 2007  Board of Grand Trustees Meeting

16 November 2007  Bill Medulin Funeral. 

17 November 2007 El Kahir Shrine Ceremonial

18 November 2007  Scottish Rite KCCH Investiture.  I was honored by the Scottish Rite by being awarded this honor, the Red Cap.

19 November 2007 Twin Lions Study Club

20 November 2007 Kingston Lodge 2nd Degree

22 November 2007  THANKSGIVING

25 November 2007  Jack Watts 80th Birthday, Ames.  Traveled to Ames to attend this party honoring Jack Watts, Past Grand Master of the Grand Council, Past General Grand Master of the General Grand Council, and current Grand Secretary/Recorder of Grand Chapter and Grand Council.  Turnout was fantastic.

27 November 2007  Laverne Clary Funeral, Waverly.  We lost another great leader of Iowa Freemasonry,  Most Worshipful Brother LAverne Clary.  Read a tribute to him HERE.  Loosing two PGMs in one year is very sad.  But yet we can celebrate their lives and appreciate their contributions. 

28 November 2007  Marion Lodge 1st Degree, Brian Bowersox.

01 December 2007  Masonic Cooperation Committee, Des Moines--Delayed to January 5 due to ICE
01 December 2007  Cherokee 3rd Degree--Cancelled due to ICE.  Didn't realize it at the time, but this ice storm was jsut a prelude of the winter to come.

03 December 2007  Benton City Lodge, Shellsburg, 3rd Degree for Dave Mick.  I worked with Dave at Rockwell Collins prior to his retirement.  It was nice to be at his degree.

04 December 2007  Hope Lodge Fundraiser Meeting.  Met with Dwight McDonald, PGM Dennis Zahrt and Janet, and Marcia Holley regarding a potential concert fundraiser for Hope Lodge. Hopefully, more details will follow soon.

08 December 2007  Reception for Jon Wagoner, DGM, and Scott Johnson, G Tr. in Sioux City.  Had a very nice reception, but the weather was kind of iffy.  It started snowing hard about the time we got to Sioux City, and continued thorugh the afternoon and into the evening.  We spent the night, to avoid traveling at night on the slick roads.

11-15 December 2007  Travel to Japan for Work.  Yes, I still have to do this occasionally.

18 December 2007 Kingston Lodge 3rd

20 December 2007 Farmers Lodge, Kinross, 3rd Degree in Bib Overalls.  Farmers Lodge was near terminal just a year ago.  But they have increased their membership by more than 50% in a year. Let's see somebody top that one.  They have a tradition of wearing bib overalls for degree work.  I promised last summer that if invited, the Grand Officers would come to do a degree in bibs.  They did.  We did.  It was a lot of fun.  We should do this sort of thing more often.

22 December 2007  50 Year Certificate Presentation-Olin.  Presented a certificate and congratulations to Lloyd Landry, a dedicated member of Ancient Landmark Lodge.  It was very foggy, but the roads were good.  Had a very nice afternoon.

25 December 2007  CHRISTMAS

27 December 2007 Feast of St Johns, Snow Lodge, at Davenport Temple.  We had a great turnout for this annual event.  I was the speaker for the evening.  We had a great time, and collected a good bit of money for Hope Lodge.

03 January 2008  Planning Meeting. Met with Jack Butler and Bill Crawford for future event planning.

05 January 2008  Iowa Committee on Masonic Cooperation.  Drove to Des Moines to attend this rescheduled event.  Met with other Iowa Masonic Leaders and discussed many items of joint interest.

06 January 2008  Ancient Landmark Installation.  We drove to Olin for installation of their 2008 Officers.  I was the Installing Master.  It seems as if it is foggy every time I drive to Olin, but the fun event made it all worthwhile.

09 January 2008  Lodge Service Meeting-Des Moines.  I rode with John Klaus to Des Moines to attend this meeting.  We discussed many items, including lodge visitation and the need to work on member retention.

09 January 2008  Des Moines High-12.  I addressed the Des Moines High-12 Club.  Had a nice lunch.  I talked about mentoring and membership retention.  I also received several nice donations for Hope Lodge.

11 January 2008 Cedar Rapids, El Kahir Shrine Installation.  Carol and I attended this installation and had a wonderful time.  A very good friend of mine, and a member of my own lodge, Randy Cejka, was installed as Potentate.

12 January 2008  Keokuk Installation.  I rove to Keokuk to attend a very nice installation of officers.  It was a bright sunny day and very warm in Iowa's Florida.  Had a great time.

13 January 2008  Mozart's Magic Flute.  Carol and I joined Tim Anderson for a local performance of Mozart's Masonic Opera, The Magic Flute.  It was great.  Read about it here.

17&18 January 2008  Kingston Lodge, 1st and 2nd Degree for Levi Zinser, nephew of our WM, and related to five of our members.  Held on successive nights to Grandpa George Zinser, also a member, could attend from Florida.

19 January 2008  National Treasure.   About 180 Masons, ladies, and friends  joined together for a private showing of the movie National Treasure, Book of Secrets.  A freewill donation collected more than $1200 for Hope Lodge.  A lunch was served following at El Kahir Shrine.  The Grand Lodge Library and Museums, as well as the Cedar Rapids Consistory Building, were open for tours in the afternoon.  Kingston Lodge also held the 3rd degree for Brother Levi Zinser.  All in all, it was a great dat for Masonry.

22 January 2008  Kingston Lodge Installation.  I installed the officers of Kingston Lodge, including all five Zinsers,  Michael as WM, Andy as SD, Levi as JD, David as Marshal, and George as Organist.  It was a lot of fun.

30 January 2008  Regional School-Fairfax.  I attended to brush up on my ritual.  We had some good discussions in addition to the ritual work.  And that is good.  Regional Schools used to include lessons on Masonic History and Masonic Jurisprudence as well as ritual.  They need to start that again.

01 February 2008  Grand Lodge of Nebraska.  I was represented at this event by Jon Wagoner, DGM.

09 February 2008  Positive Leadership Seminar-Davenport.  Tim Anderson and I drove over to Davenport for this seminar.  Jack Butler joined us.  About 70 brothers were in attendance.  I had assumed I would be asked to give a brief welcome and rah rah speech.  Ahah, I should have looked at the agenda.  When I got there, and looked at it, I saw that I was actually the first presenter.  So I spent a cup of coffee of time to come up with 30 minutes of information on leadership.  Didn't go too badly.  Lesson--read the agenda BEFORE you go.  We did have some good leadership material presented.  This of course, is a critical part of the education our Lodge leaders need.  Thanks to Davenport Scottish Rite for sponsoring this seminar.

09 February 2008  Reception for Jason Wolcott and Michael Langford.  We traveled from Davenport to Iowa City for a reception honoring the Grand Marshal and Grand Musician.  Had a really nice crowd.  We all enjoyed a dinner of Jumbalaya (without Shrimp).  We also heard an update on the construction process at Hope Lodge.   I understand that the roads were very icy afterwards, but we had no trouble getting to Cedar Rapids.

10 February 2008  50 Anniversary for Paul Nielson.  Drove to Springville to attend the 50th Anniversary of Paul and  Karen Nielson.  Paul was Grand Chauffer last year.  Had a nice crowd of Masons and non-Masons.  It was really cold, way below zero.

11 February 2008  Kingston 1st Degree

14-20 February 2008  NA Conference of GMs.  Carol and I traveled to Louisville KY for the conference.  59 of the 64 member Grand Lodges were in attendance, as well as delegations from several (~10) foreign Grand Lodges.  We had a great time visiting with old friends and making new friends.  It is always good to learn what other GLs are doing, or not doing.  It is obvious that Iowa is VERY progressive compared to some of our brothers in other jurisdictions.

23 February 2008  Dedication of GL of Missouri Library and Museum.  Jack Butler represented me at this celebration for the new Library and Museum in MO.

23 February 2008  Reception for Ed Edgerton.  Traveled to Osceola for a reception honoring our Junior Grand Steward. We had great fellowship and a wonderful meal of roast beef brisket.  The evening was cut a little short due to a health problem with Ed's mother.  But she is now fine, so it all ended well.

26 February 2008  Kingston Lodge 2nd Degree

27 February 2008  Auburn Union Park Lodge-Des Moines.  I drove to Des Moines to join the brothers of Auburn Union Park Lodge in honoring the PM from 1951, who was celebrating his 100th birthday that day.  What a demonstration of warm fellowship.

28 February 2008 New MM Forum-Cedar Rapids.  We had our first of many New Master Mason Forums. This one was in Cedar Rapids.  Read more about it here.

29 February 2008  Operative Lodge 3rd at SR Park.  Larry Shears and I drove to Des Moines to attend a 3rd degree at Scottish Rite Park.  Operative Lodge in Polk City moved their charter there for the degree.  The Za Ga Zig Past Masters degree team did a great job.  The crowd was about 70 or 80, including several residents who were most appreciative.  A great evening.

01 March 2008  Reception for Craig Davis.  We traveled to Des Moines for a reception honoring the Senior Grand Warden.   Had a big crowd, about 180.  Lots of warm fellowship.  A great meal.  Great bluegrass music from a couple of young girls and their parents.  Craig got in trouble, but you'll have to ask him about that.

02 March 2008  OES Brunch.  We stayed in Altoona that night, and joined the Grand Chapter OES officers for brunch.  We had a couple hours of great conversation and fellowship before joining some DeMolay and Job Daughters  to man phones at IPTV.

03 March 2008  IPTV.  This was fun.  After some training, we all manned the phones and took pledges for Iowa Public TV.  We were treated to lunch and also got to view Celtic Thunder at the same time.

05 March 2008  Kingston Lodge 3rd Degree

07 March 2008 Ladies at the Table-Waterloo.  Carol and I traveled to Waterloo to join Martin Lodge in honoring the ladies with a nice meal and toasts of grape juice.  Lots of fun and fellowship.

08 March 2008 LSC.  Regular meeting of the Lodge Service Committee.

08 March 2008 Reception for Jeff Bybee.  Made the long drive the the Grand Lodge offices over to the CR Consistory building for a reception honoring the Senior Grand Steward.  It was a nice day and a nice crowd.  As always, the fellowship was wonderful.

10 March 2008 Kingston Lodge, 2 1st degrees

13 March 2008  Friendship Night-Grinnell.   I rode with Bill Crawford to Grinnell for their Friendship Night.   Had a nice crowd.  Dinner of lasagna.  Then a brief program.  We were the entertained by 15 minutes or so of Harmonica music.

15 March 2008  Leadership Seminar-Ames.  Carol and I drove to Ames the night before so we didn't have to get up terribly early.  About 30-40 brothers were in attendance.  Had some good presentations on leadership.  Also had a great discussion on what is going on at the State level.

15 March 2008  Marion Lodge 3rd Degree--Bryan Bowersox.  Drove back from Ames to Marion for this third degree.  The first section was performed by DeMolay/Masons.  Bryans brother Tom was in the East.  Following a nice dinner, we did the 2nd section.  Bryan's father Rick was in the East. I was Senior Deacon for a change.

18 March 2008 Visit Hotel Regarding GL Food.  Jack Butler, Bill Crawford and I visited the hotel again to discuss the session.  Informed the hotel about the menu selections.  Also discussed other details regarding the banquets and entertainment.

18 March 2008  DeMolay Legion of Honor-Des Moines.  We traveled from the hotel over to a country club to attend the Legion of Honor Dinner.  Had a nice crowd.  I was the featured speaker.  Bryce Hildreth and Charlie Brinkerhoff were elected to leadership of the organization.  Craig Davis was reelected Sec/Treasurer.

20 March 2008 Board of Trustees

23 March 2008  EASTER

25 March 2008 Kingston Lodge

26 March 2008 Bluff City Lodge 3rd, Council Bluffs.  This was a most enjoyable evening.  More than 40 brothers were in attendance for the degree, including the new brother's father who traveled to CB from Connecticut for the evening. 

28 March 2008  Friendship Night Council Bluffs.  I drove right back to CB for their Friendship Night.  These have been very successful in the area, resulting an many new Masons.  There were presenters from York and Scottish Rite and Tangier Shrine.  I presented a Two to Grow Certificate and gave the closing remarks. 

29 March 2008  Reception for Larry Shears and Glenn Marshall.  This was a very fun day.  There were almost 70 brothers at the reception honoring Larry and Glenn.  That is really nice.  Tnen we enjoyed sandwiches, chips, cake, and ice cream.

31 March 2008  New MM Forum, Davenport.  This was the second of a series of New MM Forums.  Read about them HERE.

02 April 2008  Shellsburg 3rd Degree

03 April 2008  IMLMBEF Board Meeting-Telecon