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04 March 2008
  Welcome to another message from me.  Previous messages are listed above, along with links to get you to them.

I have now been Grand Master for nearly six months.  Where has the half year gone?  I don't know.  If this keeps up, it will be September, Jack will be Grand Master, and I will be a PGM wondering how it could have all happened so fast.  It has certainly been a lot of fun, and a learning experience.  Too bad more of the learning couldn't have happened PRIOR to becoming GM.  But it has been busy.

We have now completed the series of 12 Grand Master's Area Meetings.  For more information on them, go HERE.  These meetings have provided a wonderful opportunity for me to meet a lot of brothers across the state, exchange thoughts and conversation with them, and let them know a little bit about the plans for the upcoming year.    It has been a lot of fun, but it certainly did involve a lot of traveling.

We have initiated a new series of meetings called New Master Masons Forums.  They are a way for us to learn more about the wants and needs of new Masons.  That is especially important given the fact that they are our future and the fact that many of them do not stay Masons.  The first is great.  The second must be fixed.  You can read about these New MM Forums HERE.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the North American Conference of Grand Master in Louisville KY.  There are 64 member Grand Lodges in the Conference.  Of those, 59 were represented, as were many visiting European Grand Lodges.  This was a wonderful chance to talk with other Masonic Leaders, gain insights into our shared problems, and discuss possible solutions.  The one impression that I received was that, however slow we see our own progress, we tend to be years and years ahead of many other jurisdictions.  We are far from perfect, but we are making progress.

Now that the days are getting longer, the snow is perhaps starting to melt, and daylight savings time is just around the corner, travel is picking up.  Many degrees, Cornerstone Laying Ceremonies, and Lodge Rededications are already scheduled.  In addition, each of the Grand Officers has been assigned a number of lodges to visit independently.  These visits should be starting soon.   If your lodge has a special event coming up, and would like for me to attend, give me a call.  We'll try to set something up.

Also. many lodges are now getting ready for their fund raising efforts for Hope Lodge.  Remember, you get Lodge of the Year points for that, but more importantly, you help a really good cause, you build bonds of friendship within the lodge, and you improve the public perception of your lodges which could lead to new members.  I see four Wins in that. Please participate.