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"Everyone wants improvement, but no one wants change.  Change is constant and necessary for continued success.  It doesn't matter whether you're the gazelle or the lion.  When the sun comes up, you'd better be running."  
                             --    JP Besong, Senior VP of e-Business, Rockwell Collins

Welcome to the 2007-2008 Iowa Grand Master's Website.   (Now a Past Grand Master and enjoying it immensely.

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Note:  A big thank-you to all those who donated $100 or more to the pin program.  As you are aware, all those individuals who donate $100 or more received, as a thank-you, a slide rule tie bar.  I originally ordered 250 tie bars.  I gave careful consideration to the number to order.  I expected to give out 100-150 of them.  Thanks to the generosity of Iowa Masons, all 250 tie bars were distributed.  Another 50 were ordered, and many of them were also distributed.  Thanks a million.



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Farmer's Lodge Bluegrass Jam and Festival  

Memorial for M.W. Brother C. Glenn Brown
Memorial for M.W. Brother Laverne R. Clary

Mission of the Grand Lodge And Its Officers for 2007-2008

To Support The Lodges Of Iowa In Their Task Of Improving Themselves,
Their Members, Their Communities, And Their Country.

I believe that one of the best ways ways we can help the lodges is to persuade them to use their efforts on activities that promote their lodge, invigorate their lodge, excite their members, and make them visible to the community.  And that does NOT mean having stated meetings that run for two hours, including reading aloud a list of all bills paid during the past month, reading aloud a set of minutes that tells in detail the names of everyone who attended the last meeting, everyone at the last meeting who was recognized as a Past Master, everyone at the last meeting who was recognized as a Veteran, everyone at the last meeting who managed to stay awake for the entire meeting, etc.  Christopher Hodapp, the author of Freemasons for Dummies, wrote an excellent paper on this very topic.  It is called Boring Our Members to Death.  Every Mason should read this paper.  Every Lodge Officer should really read this paper.  Then they should all go to lodge and convince their brethren that there really is a better way to do things.  I got this article off the Grand Lodge of SD website.  I have seen it since in a couple other publications.  Read it HERE.

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Note:  All opinions expressed on this page and other pages on this website are nothing more than the personal opinions of the author.  No person speaks for Freemasonry.  Not the Grand Master, not the Grand Secretary, not the Grand Anybody.  NOBODY.  Anyone who claims that they know differently than that because their great uncle twice removed was the next door neighbor of a man who was a 47th Degree Black Belt Holy Patriarch of the Mystic Secret of the Blue Knights of Jerusalem  and that he revealed the true secrets of the fraternity on his deathbed is, sadly, mistaken, deluded, and misled.

Also note:  This is NOT an official site of the Grand Lodge of Iowa. This is the personal Web Site of Donald Mosier.  All opinions expressed on this site are his and his alone. Well OK, I suppose some other folks may share his opinions, but the expression of them on this site is solely his responsibility. So if you disagree with something you see here, don't complain to the Grand Lodge of Iowa, any of its officers (other than Don Mosier) or anybody else.  Send them right here.

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