Change is a critical part of life.  And long term planning is critical to the future existence of Freemasonry.  Without planning and management of change, the change will not be affective.  This page will eventually include much more information and links to processes and results of this effort.

For now, here are a couple interesting articles on the topic.  The first is a presentation of how Long Range Planning was implemented by the Grand Lodge of Washington.  The other is a summary of some of their results.  And HERE is how the information was presented at the 2007 Grand Master's Area Meetings.

Here are a couple articles originating from the Grand Lodge of Indiana.  The first is entitled Wither are We Traveling.  It shares my personal sentiment that membership is "not a problem", but rather, the symptom of a problem.  I realize this is heresy to some, but I think it is true.  That's not to say we shouldn't work on membership, because symptoms can kill you.  When you go to the hospital emergency room, they treat your symptoms to keep you alive while they find out what's really wrong with you.  The other article is Why This Confusion In The Temple.  It has some suggestions that may shock or even offend you.  But read it anyway.  You just might learn something.

And finally, Laudable Pursuits gives an alternate opinion.