Masonic License Plates


Sample Plate--Click for Detail

Breaking NEWS!  On Friday April  4, 2008 the Grand Lodge office received the official letter from the Iowa Department of Transportation approving the Iowa Masonic License Plate.    However, they will not manufacture or ship them until we have sold a minimum of 500 plate.

All orders MUST go through the Grand Lodge office.  You may NOT order them directly until after we have purchased the first 500. 

Licenses may be purchased for cars, motorcycles, trailers, motor-homes, just about anything.  And if you want to pay a little extra, you may even personalize your plates, subject to standard Iowa DOT rules.

Be part of this exciting opportunity.  Download the application form HERE.  Print it off.  Make as many copies as you need.  Fill one out for each vehicle for which you want a Masonic License Plate.  Mail the form or forms to the Grand Lodge Office at the following address:

Grand Lodge of Iowa
Masonic License Plate Application
PO Box 279
Cedar Rapids IA  52406-0279

Make all check payable to:  The Grand Lodge of Iowa.

We will cash the checks, and collect the order information.  When we have collected orders for 500 plates, the order will be forwarded to the Iowa Department of Transportation, who will then print and distribute the plates.

Important.  Do NOT send the order to the Iowa DOT.  Do NOT turn the order in to your country Treasurer.  They will not accept such orders until after we have collected the first 500 orders and forwarded them with payment.