Reception Entertainment

The entertainment at my reception was performed by the El Kahir Shrine Hillbilly's Clan.  Some of them have done this before, so they cannot claim it was "just an accident".  Actually, I had a tough time talking them into doing it for my reception.  They were a little worried about whether folks would blame them for destroying the dignity of the Grand Master's reception.  Only after I agreed that they would get paid, that they could sell DVDs of the show, that I would recruit some help for one of the acts, and that I would take all the blame, I mean credit, for including this as part of my reception, did they agree to do the show.

I think they "Dun Good,"  fer a buncha hillbillys.  I know I had a good time.  And don't you for a minute believe that the "purty wimin" didn't have a good time, too.  They might deny it, but all you have to do is watch the video.  Thanks to LarryAnn and Craigette for participating. 

Just in case you'd like to buy one of those videos, and have a permanent record of the exploits of the purty wimin, and of course the wonderful singing of Jerry Garcia, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, to say nothing of that fella running around without any back in his shorts, here is how you get one.   Remember,  all proceeds from this video (and for putting on the show) go to the El Kahir Transportation Fund.  So maybe you oughta buy two copies. (Just make sure you save a little money to contribute to HOPE LODGE.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Recorded LIVE from the stage of the Scottish Rite Temple, Cedar Rapids on October 20, 2007)
(The HILLBILLYS, posing as entertainment for the Grand Master's Reception)

Each DVD includes the entire 24 minute show, plus a musical slideshow of picture.  It is designed to play on all DVD players.  The low price of only $10 per DVD includes postage to all domestic locations.  (Foreign orders, inquire for shipping information.)

Make checks payable to:  Hillbilly Clan No. 165

Mail checks, along with your name and address unless you are just making a donation, to the Keeper of the Till:

Ken Anderson
6321 Viking Road
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

He, or maybe his lady Brenda, will get that durned DVD in the mail promptly after gittin the order.  But phone and email orders just can't be accepted, 'cus the clan ain't got no credit card machine, and unless you got the cash (or check) you just ain't getting no jug a shine, I mean no DVD.  And VCR tapes ain't available neither, 'cus we may be country folks, but we do got class, and them VCR do-hickeys are just one step above an 8-track tape player.

Now, Ken and Brenda may be gone fishin for the first couple weeks a December, or maybe they'll be out polishing the still, but they promise that any orders that come in while they are out doing fun stuff will get filled right after they get back.  So get that money sent in, NOW.

Remember, all money raised by the Clan 165 goes the the Shrine Transportation Fund.  So DON'T YOU GO COPYING THIS DVD.